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Originally Posted by Kid Charlemagne View Post
Uh, Mr. Tangerine Man, maybe challenging the intelligence agencies, promising to purge their veterans and replace them with politically loyal nincompoops, was not your smartest idea ever?
Probably not. Also not good to go send Conway on what's practically a suicide mission in terms of conflict of interest, hang Spicer out to dry on his daily meetings, give Bannon a job which he has no right holding (and which Congress is slowly working to remove him from the Security Council), give us Stephen Miller who basically is just giving more ammunition for people to argue with, and basically sew general confusion among all the above by having them give conflicting stories. Oh, and keep his VP in the dark about all the above. Though that could all be through Priebus' design.

As for the constant contact with senior Russian officials:
- It's all speculative with no smoking gun. It's possible all this is coincidence. However, the number of coincidences adding up are slowly starting to erode at the plausibility of such a claim. The moves by Russia strongly reflect the actions they've taken previously when installing puppet regimes.

The follow up on all these Russian ties will be interesting. The agencies have the power to investigate Trump and, if they find some conclusive evidence, we could see a Watergate scenario play out. I don't think we'll see the Republicans unless they really think their chances of re-election are in trouble, which I'd say is probably 25-30% approval rating and a huge scandal like the above. Again, Nixon type issues.

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