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Originally Posted by Davidandreis View Post
What did Duterte to warrant that title??
These are only the things I can remember, not a comprehensive list:
- Encouraged vigilante justice against drug lords (when has that ever worked out?)
- Basically states he'd allow murder against criminals
- Stated he looks up to Hitler's efficiency (stating Hitler killed 3 million Jews and he'd be happy if he could kill 3 million drug addicts). Tough on drugs is one thing...but the comparison is still pretty ugly any way you cut it.
- Threatened journalists by stating that it doesn't exempt them from assassination (therefore implying that he could order a state sponsored assassination on them)
- Cratered the economy by isolating the Philippines from many trade deals.
- Openly admits he killed three criminals after a famous rape/murder case without sending them to court. He was the mayor of the city at the time

Trump may be strange and volatile when given a microphone or his smartphone...but he's got nothing on Duterte.

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