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To the Great White Amurkan Booboisie who elected Cheetolini, that's not a problem, since [moron]them eggheads don't know nuthin' anyway, and all we need is a Real Man With Cojones to brandish The Big Stick, and them cowardly furriners will fall to their knees and beg forgiveness.[/moron]
It'll be interesting. We're seeing people playing hardball on him and testing his "cojones" already. In the last couple days alone...
- Mexico backed out of a meeting with Trump after this Executive Order asking for a wall to be built (though this will still need Congressional approval for the actual funds for the wall)
- The Netherlands is pooling money to make up for Trump's defunding of organizations which even mention the word "abortion" (even if it is for lifesaving forms of it)
- Pope Francis warned Europe in very unsubtle terms that Hitler was voted into power. (there are some nitpicky points you can make regarding the Wiemar Republic's constitution...but you get his point)
- All his science agencies have bucked and started spewing comments from every orifice countering his personal beliefs on scientific comments (in response to him moving to gag his country's funded scientists)
- (Just because it's funny) Sales of 1984 have spiked since Conway made her "alternative facts" comment. It's happened before and typically whenever people feel like they're oppressed by their government. Happened once under Obama.
- EDIT - To add to groups testing Trump's will, Boston's mayor has promised to not back down on what Trump calls "Sanctuary Cities" (cities harbouring a lot of illegal immigrants) and won't change despite the loss of some funding from the government. Sounds like Seattle did the exact same and even offered to conduct their own business with Mexico should Trump decide to actually cut lots of ties with Mexico.

So...things escalated quickly.

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