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Originally Posted by Thane of Cawdor View Post
Thats my only problem. Tarrifs suck, they always do. They hinder a global economy.
They also hinder Trump's desires to lessen the USA Debt. His choices seem like two of the following: fly solo, improve the current USA economic situation, lessen USA debt. And flying solo will likely help the USA situation as of right now (as it would collect lots of tariffs as well as allow a more isolated economy where money flows within the borders)...but would damage that debt issue he wants to tackle.

Originally Posted by Thane of Cawdor View Post
I hope Nafta gets overhauled to actually work and we have direct trade with canada.
On the topic of Trump demolishing ares of government: I find it an unusual tactic, albeit one I can understand. He's assigned people who will challenge the area to determine if there is value. Rick Perry, an outspoken critic of the Energy portfolio even existing, now has that. I'm sure Trump's hope is that he scrutinizes every dollar and will remove when he sees fit.

Will it work? Who knows. But having lots of the Republican "old guard" is certainly a failure. He's got more experienced political ministers than Justin Trudeau who really does represent a changing of the guard...even if I'm not a fan of Trudeau getting the reigns this quickly (and showing his inexperience as a leader on occasion).

But on NAFTA, Canada has already drawn its line I think. Trudeau has moved one of his most effective ministers in his short time as PM (Chrystia Freeland) to Foreign Affairs and had her sit in on many USA/Canada discussions after the Trump presidency. She has previously made comments which would seem contrarian to Trump's...her comment after signingsecuring CETA was to "build bridges, not walls". She also once spoke of her ban from Russia as an honour...though she now takes a more moderate tone and claims instead that working as a minister with an international portfolio means working with all nations (Edit - Note: there has been no reason given for her ban, though she has been an outspoken critic of Putin's). I think it's clear Trudeau wants to have Canada hold its ground and its current stances against the Trump administration. Will it work? Again, who knows.

I imagine Trudeau will hope him and Trump can find common ground. Nobody likes bitter contests...and it goes double for Canada/USA relations. Nobody felt comfortable when Harper got angry about Obama delaying (and ultimately denying) the Keystone XL pipeline. But I think Trudeau has already made moves to ensure that, if push comes to shove, Canada stands on its own instead of getting pushed around by the USA.

Originally Posted by Thane of Cawdor View Post
I hope the entire tax structure gets destroyed and his three tier system works better.
Why not go full Libertarian then? Take on a one-tier consumption tax and have a rebate for those below a certain income? Easy and simple enough that the average citizen will absolutely understand it.

Originally Posted by Thane of Cawdor View Post
Rip up some of this red tape that's been in existence far too long, seemingly as 'make work' projects for thousands of government jobs we just don't need to pay for.
Two things to say there:
1) There's almost always less red tape that someone will proclaim. I believe ex-Toronto mayor Rob Ford proclaimed that Toronto had a billion dollars of red tape. His eventual findings probably amounted to 50 million. Not saying red tape doesn't exist but that it's tough to gauge without getting inside and outside estimates almost always seem high.
2) "Make work" projects cut you'll spend less, get less done (since no private company will do something like fix your crumbling infrastructure), and have more people out of work. Trade offs are debatable, but I wonder if the USA needs jobs or the cash in government coffers right now.

Edit - This is fascinating. Trump's 2017 inauguration vs Obama's 2009.

Spoiler: show

Edit 2 - Ugh. Literally in the transcript of his inaugural speech is this gem.

At the bedrock of our politics will be a total allegiance to the United States of America, and through our loyalty to our country, we will rediscover our loyalty to each other. When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice.
Even in context it sounds horrible. But these two seriously sound like they could come out of Starship Troopers or a fascist manifesto. It's still worth giving him time to actually do things...but I've already thrown in the towel that he'll be anything but a mess as an orator.

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