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I can certainly agree where you're coming from. Art not equating to tone of narrative is excellently highlighted in the series. Hell, I have a special spot for Bokurano because it's animated like a typical shonen mecha while the only series I know that's truly as dark and depressing as it is the manga version of Narutaru.

That said (spoilers)

Spoiler: show
I do feel that the emotional impact and the way the series completely deconstructs an anime driven notion (magical girls) is much stronger if you go in blind but are familiar with how series like Sailor Moon play out. Having the tropes that your magical girl is not going to die and that the "becoming a magical girl" is never really explained just completely and utterly spun on their head has way more impact if you're expecting a typical adventure.

As such, I struggle giving it any level of recommendation as your first exposure. I feel that the emotional payoff is just that much better if you can get yourself familiar with the ground "rules" they want you to have in mind before going forward.

In my mind, it creates the difference "this series is dark" and "this series completely goes out of its way to deconstruct the construct of magical girls in some of the darkest ways possible". The former is good. But the latter is an improvement and I'd want to avoid wasting that opportunity.
Madoka Magica spoilers

Spoiler: show
you make an excellent point to be honest. madoka certainly fooled most viewers by taking a spin on the magical girl trope. in my opinion,
the show still is good entertainment by itself, but understanding the genre definitely increases viewer's pleasure.

to be quite honest, i went into madoka not knowing anything about other magical girl shows. moreover, i wasnt familiar with anime at all. it provided me with excellent entertainment. if i knew some more background info on other magical girl animes, madoka might have gone from awesome to masterpiece.

thanks for giving me some insight on the topic, i honestly didnt know about it :)
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