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Cue the song:

"Fuck the police, fuck, fuck fuck the police, yo fuck em."

I hope the liar gets jail time but...the cop is on paid leave??? Are you kidding? The cop was clearly trigger happy, you couldn't aim for a leg or an arm? No LEM on your gun? I get it, firing wildly as stray bullets could hit others, but this is yet another instance of why we need better training for these trigger happy cops. I agree, this cop needs his badge pulled for this, more cops killing unarmed people!

I saw this show Reno 911, its a spoof of the show 'cops', so its a comedy...

So this guy has two cops come upto him in his front yard, so he says. The guy makes a sob story about how his dog was suffereing and he cant afford to put him down. he cries and the cop offers to put the dog out of his misery, shoots the dog. Then you see a crazy woman come out of the house and yell at the dude calling him a trespasser. She says 'the hell did you do to my dog!" and the guy yells "i told you to keep him back!" So the joke was the dude was lying and got the cops to shoot his neighbors dog he didn't like.

Jokes aside, it never crossed my mind that someone could do this with a person.
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