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LuigiYoshi3000 10-27-2015 04:29 PM

Super Mario Maker
Super Mario Maker has been out since September and has since sold a million copies worldwide. This game allows the you to create your own courses and share them online. You can select the course theme, edit the length and width of the stage, select out of four game styles (Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, New Super Mario Bros. U), and add various objects, items, and enemies. When you first start the game, you will start with only one row of course elements, as the game will feature a unlocking system, in which a set of elements will be available for the next day, so long as they spend at least five minutes using the tools they have. Keep in mind that you do need to first clear the course yourself in order to upload your course online.

In an upcoming update on November 4th, more tools will be added to Super Mario Maker.

sheepgoesmeep 10-27-2015 07:47 PM

It does seem like a fun game ^_^

Luis 10-28-2015 01:48 AM

It's one of the games I want to get if I ever get a Wii U. I hear Panga's levels are the hardest. They are like kaizo levels.

TornadoAdvisory 10-28-2015 05:56 AM

Well hey, a Super Mario Maker thread.

I have 12 levels up on the course world right now, with about 129 stars total last I looked. I was initially hesitant to upload levels but once I got some ideas flowing I bit the bullet and don't really regret the decision all that much. The reception to my levels seems to be pretty good, so far.

I've beaten the 100-mario challenge countless times, but I'm not bothering with trying to complete expert mode due to the levels I see there, which are mostly courses that abuse cheap death tactics (Offscreen enemies/invisible blocks over pits/etc.). Medium seems to be the best place to find half-decent stages on occassion.

Lastly, I'm pretty stoked about the upcoming update. I have a level that is fairly lengthy to the point that one would most likely skip it if they died near the end, but hopefully the new checkpoints will remedy this problem.

Misao 10-29-2015 02:14 AM

Dude I been following Letsplays on YouTube. Trust me, I am very familiar with Super Mario Maker without even owning the game. Sigh...

Luis 11-02-2015 08:27 AM

Is it possible to turn off those comment bubbles that you can see all over the place in a level? They look annoying.

Edit: Nevermind I saw the guy turned them off in a video I'm watching.

LuigiYoshi3000 11-05-2015 02:49 AM

Super Mario Maker is now officially updated to version 1.2.0.

This update will allow you to place Checkpoints in your courses by shaking the Arrow sign. You will have to finish the course from the start and from the checkpoint in order for your course to be uploaded. In addition, in the Course World menu, there's an Official tab added in the Maker section which will allow players to find courses created by Nintendo. There's also an Event Courses button added in the Course Menu where you can access special course for partners outside of Nintendo. A harder version of Gnat Attack can accessed by shaking a Muncher enough. Players can place a Super Mushroom on top of a power-up to make it status-dependent (if the player is Small Mario, the item is a Super Mushroom, but if they are Super Mario, the item is whatever the mushroom was placed on).

Aside from the update, this thread can also be used to share courses that you made. Just in type in the course ID and you'll be able to access the course. Here's the course ID to a couple of my courses.

Yoshi Under the Sea: 46DB-0000-00D6-7C7E

Wiggler's Cave: 4B66-0000-00D6-810E

furball 11-05-2015 08:19 AM

There wasn't a thread about this already? This game is very, very fun, and my roommates and I have spent at least many many hours playing and making with this. There are a ton of innovative stuff I've seen people make (their own checkpoint system, a password system, recreating other games like frogger, space invaders, punch out, sumo wrestling, invisible block shenanigans, branching doors, and other amazing stuff).

One thing cool was that I think IGA is Koji Igarashi, and he's been remaking some classic Castlevania levels and bosses in this and they're very interesting and fun.

TornadoAdvisory 11-05-2015 03:25 PM

After I get back from classes today, I'll check out LY3000's courses and maybe share my own. I reuploaded three of mine with checkpoints and edited areas just last night after two of them desperately needed updates.

I've personally been enjoying the update, especially the checkpoint addition.
Tip: Tap doors in edit mode repeatedly and see what happens; I don't know if they put it in this update or it's been there since the beginning, but it's pretty amusing.

EDIT: I played three of your courses LY3000, and some constructive feedback is under the spoiler tag.

Spoiler: show

Yoshi Under the Sea: Not bad, although the enemies could become unmanageable due to the pipes in addition to the already present enemies. My personal recommendation would be to put a "ceiling" about four-five blocks thick and put hallways and corridors large enough to swim through without making the player feel claustrophobic. To be honest, water levels are hard to make exciting (It's nothing against you, but rather water levels in general; I've heard people skip them on the spot) but if you made "caves" and used semi-solid platforms as a background you could make a water level look really cool. Just a note with the latter: Be sure the top part of the platforms are covered with ground so that a player can't get stuck in an area.

Wiggler's Cave: I like the theme (I have a level that also involves a Wiggler), but I'd suggest moving the yellow blocks after the first jump to the right and higher so people don't run into the blocks in the midst of trying to jump onto the second platform. Also, that secret near the beginning was pretty cool. Lastly, don't be afraid to go higher! moving platforms on or off tracks, vines, semi-solid platforms, and conveyor belts could both be neat ways of reaching higher/far away ground and solid platforms.

Goomba Cave: Probably my favorite of yours, with a simple but effective theme and gameplay that could be seen in an actual Super Mario game. My only suggestion would be the "go higher" advice I mentioned earlier.

Remember, whether or not you want to consider the suggestions is up to you. Good luck!

Four of my courses are below; None of my courses should be too difficult except for maybe one or two. I'm open to suggestions about improving them in any way possible.

Burning Dread: 8D3B-0000-00D6-BD79
FreezeFlame Cave: FC09-0000-0094-AE78
A Nightmare on Mushroom Street: A978-0000-00C9-2354
Mushroom Kingdom Dodgeball: FEE3-0000-00B0-F80F

LuigiYoshi3000 11-08-2015 12:11 AM

Here's some more of my courses if you want to try them out:

Bowser's Airship: 76F2-0000-00D6-978D
The House of Boos: 7CA8-0000-00D6-91E2
Hammer Bro. Castle: 95F6-0000-00D6-8BE1

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