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Tsukasa's_Lover 05-26-2014 06:59 PM

AKB48 Members attacked by saw wielding maniac
For those of you who haven't heard yet. 2 members of AKB48 and a staff member were badly wounded by a very disturbed saw wielding maniac at their latest handshaking event. 19-year-old Rina Kawaei and 18-year-old Anna Iriyama received several bad lacerations to their hands (from putting up their hands to defend themselves). Iriyama also suffered a head wound. The Male staff member that was badly cut too had apparently thrown himself between the attacker and the other girls before he could attack more of them. The attacker was quickly overpowered by other attendees and staff members and was handed over police when they arrived. He has been charged on 3 accounts of attempted murder. Though with obviously apparent psychotic problems may wind up in a psychiatric ward.

All 3 people wounded are said to be ok and will make full recoveries. However Kawaei's right thumb needed immediate surgery. And along with her head wound Iriyama’s right pinkie was said to be nearly severed off and also required surgery. The male Staff member's wounds have not been reported as of yet.

I may not be a fan of this group. But no one deserves this. My prayers will be with them and I hope for a full recovery.

Shiraishi-kun 05-26-2014 07:05 PM

Good God, that's nuts. I'm glad nobody was killed.

And Alice just left ClariS, too. Not a terribly fun day for idol singers.

sheepgoesmeep 05-26-2014 07:08 PM

oh no, poor them :(

Tsukasa's_Lover 05-26-2014 07:38 PM

Story updated with link and a slight correction. it was Iriyama’s right pinkie, not her left one.

Misao 05-28-2014 02:13 AM

WHAT THE HELL??! This world.

Droote 05-28-2014 02:49 PM

What's an AKB48? What do you use it for?

Misao 05-28-2014 04:12 PM


Originally Posted by Droote (Post 209255)
What's an AKB48? What do you use it for?


Shiraishi-kun 05-28-2014 09:13 PM


Originally Posted by Droote (Post 209255)
What's an AKB48? What do you use it for?

Have you no tact? This is a serious matter.

AKB48 is a super-popular idol-singer girl group. They were the focus of the sci-fi anime series AKB0048, and have also appeared in a large number of Japanese television shows and movies, and its members have even published books.

Misao 05-28-2014 09:17 PM

They performed the Sugar Rush song for Wreck-It Ralph. I unknowingly passed them in person in one long ago NY Comic Con!

This is so sad. I wish the best for them.

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