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  13. random crap on a drum set (part one?)
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  22. oh crap! brain f*ck! (good way)
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  62. Update! 8/15 LS MAD video - SNES Cybernator x Konata x Hiyori x Tsukasa x Misao mix!
  63. Okay, what da....
  64. AWESOME free video maker/editer
  65. hatsune miku sings "still alive" in japanese!
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  78. a great potemayo theme amv with lucky star
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  81. *NEW WALLPAPER ADDED*My first wallpaper! *it has a neon effect too!*
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  84. omg lololololoolololol
  85. The Escape From Hellview
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  88. Gotta love my pimped bag :P
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  90. Bit Of Rhythm, Palisades Park 08-09 Concert (with Piano Accompaniment)
  91. Kyonko and Kyon meet each other?
  92. novice arts (ugly i know)
  93. I'ma let you finnish!
  94. Shut up and kiss me!
  95. Tomoyo Fighter: ~It's an Exciting Life~ - Perfect Edition
  96. Some good how to draw manga tutorials
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  129. Misao is in the greatest video on Youtube?
  130. w0lfs dance thread
  131. What Google background are you using?
  133. "Hitler Reacts To" videos to be removed from YouTube
  135. Best Ventrilo Harassment ever
  136. NYAF 2010 Mascot Contest!
  137. 「Weeaboo Driver」
  138. Meeting Of The Minds!?!?!?!
  139. First original song -- Warrior by Silvyre
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  152. New Fan Fiction - Transformers: Twisted Darkness
  153. The Cutest Girl I Have Ever Met ~ Tania Zheng
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  155. My Music: The Album Made of My Boredom.
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  159. To Do, or Not To Do, That Is The Question ~ Elaine
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  167. I just started to learn photoshop..my firsts
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  177. Astralojia - An original anime series I've been working on for over half a decade...
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  182. kirant's "Top anime openings" project - casting call
  183. kirant tries to list best anime endings - need list of good endings
  184. You wanna be a hero?: kirant's LP Sign up - X-COM: Enemy Within (Long War Mod)
  185. kirant's LP - X-COM: Enemy Within (Long War Mod) (v2)
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